Three Working Days Left

It's hard to believe I only have three working days left in Tampa.  I have so many mixed emotions.  I am excited about starting a new job in D.C.  I have always loved the D.C. area and all there is to see and do. The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, the National Gallery of Art and Thomas Cole's Voyage of Life series of paintings, the FDR Memorial, and the National Theater are just a few of my favorites.  And yet I am also very sad to be leaving all my friends in Tampa.  I'll even miss a few things about my house....the garden tub in the master bath, the luxury of walking straight from the garage into the kitchen with groceries, and being able to leave the 40 pound boxes of cat litter I buy for the kids in the garage till I need them.  I know with everything in life there are pluses and minuses.  And even though in this case the pluses out way the minuses, that doesn't lessen the sadness that goes with accepting the minuses.


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