Caught in a hail storm!

And I mean literally!  My friend Alexia and I went to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail today after work.  We headed north from the Wilsky trailhead, and popped into the McDonald's on Citrus Park Blvd to use their facilities.  Before we could walk back out the door, a deluge opened up!  We took a seat and watched it rain and listened to it thunder (there was some lightening thrown in for good measure!).  After a while, the rain started to let up, so we decided to strike out back to the trail head where we had parked.  I'm not sure if we made it half way when the rain became heavy again.  The thunder and the lightening seemed to be all around us, and needless to say, we were more than a bit intimidated!  We could finally see the pedestrian bridge that is near the landfill and knew we were getting close to the end.  All of a sudden, I felt something hit the back of my neck.  I joked that a squirrel was throwing something at me....but it turned out to be a piece of hail!  The next thing you know, it's hailing to beat the band!  We tried to find a spot out of the worst of it, but finally gave up and pushed on.  At that point we were soaked through and through anyway!  We joked about what an adventure it was, but I will admit that was one adventure I could have done without!  


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