Lovin' Retired Life!

I've been retired for almost 6 months now.  It's rather ironic that I had thought after I retired I'd have more time to devote to this blog and several other projects that interest me (such as take more photos, learn to crochet, find a new place to volunteer after I moved).  Life hasn't quite worked out that way though!

But I am busy and happy, which I think is a great combination!  I am working out with my personal trainer, Chelsea, at Gold's Gym twice a week.  I do cardio four days a week and take one day off. Today I did my first hike with the Sole Sister's, a group that is part of the Asheville Newcomer's Club, which I recently joined.  We met at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiked somewhere between 6 and 7 miles.  I think I probably used muscles I haven't used in that way before so I might be feeling it tomorrow!

Christmas came and went so fast I feel like I practically missed it.  I spent time with family, and it was nice to do so without having to drive more than six hours each way.  Here we are at the Cracker Barrel in Morganton, NC for our 2nd Annual Cracker Barrel family get together. It works out great. We get to spend time together and eat good food; and no one has to cook or clean!!!

I took the tree down Sunday cause it was blocking mine and the cats' view to our bird feeders outside. I think the weather has contributed to the not-so-Christmasy feel.  It's been in the 70s in Asheville and that definitely does not feel like Christmas!  We've been getting a lot of rain too. Thankfully the sun was out today and the weather for a hike was pretty much perfect.  My Ahnu's (hiking shoes from REI) really got put through their paces today.  We forded little streams on the trail and strolled through a field that was holding a lot of water.  My feet were completely dry after the hike.  Go Ahnu's!

In less than 3 weeks my next company arrives, two girlfriends from Tampa.  I question their sanity for coming north from Florida in January, but am thrilled they are coming.  It's a short visit, but will hopefully give them enough of a taste of Asheville that they will want to come back again soon!

I don't have another trip planned until May.  But I anticipate that will change.  By February or March I think I'll be a little stir crazy wanting to go somewhere!  I really enjoyed my trip to Santa Fe with Bridget last month and meeting Alexia in Charleston earlier this month.  Not sure what might be on tap near winter's end.  But I'm sure I'll think of something!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time in your retirement.
    Hope you enjoy yourself with your girlfriends. Hurry up Spring!
    Have a very Happy New Year.
    Lynne x


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