Where Did the Last 3 1/2 Months Go?!?

I retired at the end of June with a plan to move from the Washington DC area to Asheville, North Carolina when my lease expired in mid-October.  Mid-October has arrived, and it seems a little surreal.

These past few weeks as I've visited some of my favorites places I realized that particular visit was realistically my last one there.  No more awesome Greek food at Taverna Cretekou; no more delicious donuts from the Sugar Shack; no more apricot bars from Baked and Wired; no more spur of the moment visits to the National Zoo to visit Thor the sand cat and his new female companion (they are hoping for sand cat babies!); no more lunches at the Blue Arbor Cafe in Occoquan; no more frozen custard from The Dairy Godmother.

I have to remind myself that while there are places here I will surely miss, there will be new places to discover when I get to Asheville.  I've already identified a few places that will hopefully make me miss the places near DC less.  Vortez Doughnuts; the Ultimate Ice Cream Company; the Green Sage Cafe.  And my new apartment is only about half a mile from the Publix grocery store that opened back in April.  Publix is one of the few things I missed about living in Florida and I'm excited to have extremely easy access to one in the near future.

Yesterday was probably one of the hardest days for me.  I've been volunteering almost every week for the last 3 years at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.  Yesterday was my last volunteer shift there.  I think I felt sadder leaving there than I did my last day at the office back in June.  Maybe because at work there was both good and bad and I was there because I had to be there.  Whereas my time at the league was because I wanted to be there.  I will miss "the girls", CarolAnne, Peggy, and Stephanie, the Sunday afternoon regulars.  I have several animal rescue organizations identified as possible volunteer opportunities in Asheville.  I'm sure I will make new friends, but it can be very difficult leaving the old.  I hope we stay in touch, but I am realistic enough to acknowledge that doesn't always happen.  I'm making myself a promise to do my best to make sure we don't loose touch, because the time I've spent with them on Sundays has left me with some of my fondest memories of my time in Arlington.

The movers arrive on Wednesday.  The kids and I will be on the road first thing Thursday morning heading for our new digs.  I am excited and apprehensive at the same time.  Pepper, my oldest, has not traveled well in the past.  This will be a straight shot down, unlike when we moved to Virginia from Florida and spend 2 nights in hotels.  Hopefully that will make things better.

I remind myself that in the big scheme of things, this too shall pass.  And we'll soon be settled into our new digs and I'll be able to explore my new town!


  1. That must have been really sad leaving all your favourite places behind. I hope you find lots of great places and things to occupy you in Ashville.
    Lynne x


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