Welcome 2015! - A New Journal to Usher in the New Year!

I am very excited that 2015 has arrived.  I'm starting a new journal, one of two I bought last year when Alexia and I visited Ireland in May.

It resonated deeply with me as much when I bought it as it does now.  Then, because it shows a girl somewhat precariously perched on a stack of books.  As much as I love to read and considering I'm working on my master's in Library and Information Science, how could I not be drawn to it?!?  And now, because I hope to reach new heights this year as I finish my degree, retire, move to a new area, and see what the world has to offer next!

I'm starting the new year motivated to accomplish some things I've been wanting to do for a while, but just haven't managed to get to, including:

  • gradually reducing the amount of "stuff" I own, starting with going through all the clothes in my closets and dresser drawers - I'm going to try and stick with the tenet of "if I haven't worn it in the last year, it's out" and if a new thing comes in, an old thing has to go out
  • listing the places I want to see and/or things I want to do before I move from the DC area in October
  • deciding on where I want to live next (most likely somewhere near family in North Carolina)
  • making a conscious effort to eat healthier and exercise more
  • spending more quality time with Pepper and Dublin, my highly entertaining 4-legged furbabies
I am optimistic 2015 is going to be a fabulous year, and plan to keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities as they arise!


  1. That is a very cute journal. Hope you achieve all your goals in 2015. Can't wait to follow your adventures in your new life!
    Lynne x


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