Mini-me's Visit the Lowry Park Zoo!

Last weekend the mini-me's and I visited the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.  We had a great time!

Mini-me Dublin and Pepper were both fascinated by the big elephant.  Although he didn't seem impressed by his adoring audience.

Mini-me Pepper liked watching the giraffes.  There were all male giraffes out that day (a nice zoo docent told us that!), and they were having fun playfully whacking each other using their long necks.

Mini-me Pepper was also thrilled to see the baby pygmy hippo that was having fun playing in the water with its mom.

Mini-me Dublin was more interested in the snakes.

I was drawn to the big cats myself, since they remind me of my furry kids back home!  The tiger chuffed......

And the clouded leopard yawned!


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