End of Life

Mom died on November 24, 2014 of advanced Alzheimer's.  I can't be sad for her because I know she would not have wanted to live the way she was.  We had placed her in a memory care unit a month ago.  She was not doing well there; but then she hadn't been doing well at home either.  I am grateful she is at peace and no longer going through everything she was.

I've been in North Carolina helping Sid with paperwork and getting stuff done at the house.  I brought Pepper and Dublin with me.  I felt a little guilty about bringing them because Pepper in particular does NOT travel well.  Fortunately, she has done better this trip than ones in the past.  They bring a lot of joy and are very entertaining.  One of my aunts, who stayed with us the few days mom was in the hospital before she passed, commented that she was glad I brought them.  I think we will all be happy to get "home" though.  We'll be heading back to Virginia on Friday.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember your post about your mum's Alzheimers and thought what a terribly sad dilemma for you all. You are right, she is at peace now. Glad Pepper was okay on the trip.
    Hugs, Lynne x

    1. Thanks so much, Lynne. The kids and I are heading back to Virginia tomorrow. I think we will all be glad to get back to "our" space.


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