December Reflections - Day 20 - This Year Was...

This photo I found on the W7R Tech blog is a perfect representation of how this year was for me....full of ups and downs.  I visited Ireland for the second time with a dear friend, received accolades from my boss for doing a good job throughout the year, and lost my mom to Alzheimer's (a truly horrible disease).  

Fortunately I'm ending the year on an up note by spending time with family for the holidays.  I am definitely looking forward to 2015.  I will be starting a significant new chapter in my life when I retire at the end of June and move from the DC area.  Now that mom is no longer with us, I'm not exactly sure where I'll land.  I anticipate I'll still move to North Carolina to be near family, at least to begin with.  Long term, who knows!  Savannah, Georgia is still near and dear to my heart, and I think might be a good option for long term plans.


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