Mini-me's check out Art on the Avenue!

Good gosh!  I didn't realize it has been a month since I wrote a blog post.  I really must try and do better.

I have been super busy though.  I went to the Art on the Avenue in Del Ray, Alexandria a couple of weekends ago.  Mini-me Pepper and Dublin tagged along.  They made some new friends and seemed to enjoy themselves!

It was nice to see signs of fall.  We visited a pumpkin patch.

And there were more signs of Halloween being just around the corner!

I ended up buying another little bonsai tree to join the bonsai I bought in August at the Arlington County Fair.  And Fast Snail, with their quirky holiday cards, had a tent at the festival. 

I spent several hours walking around the festival, enjoying the sights and sounds....and a fresh manicure!  By then, the mini-me's and I were exhausted and ready to head for home.


  1. I love those bonsai trees. I keep promising I am going to get one - glad the mini's picked out a nice one for you. It always gives me a kick to see them out and about.
    Did you see my new header that Mollie's mum made me? It features none other than the lovely Dublin!
    Lynne x

    1. I didn't realize my Dubbie-man was part of your new header! I think it's awesome (not that I'm the least bit biased, of course!


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