Catsino 2012

This evening the Arlingon Animal Welfare League had one of their big fundraisers, Catsino 2012, at the Reagan International Airport.  I volunteered to deal blackjack.  A very nice man named Al gave us a quick lesson before things got started.  He had some interesting stories to tell about gambling in Vegas.  Someone asked him where he stays when he goes to Vegas, and he said wherever he can get a free room!  Then someone must have mentioned being a whale, which is what they call the big gamblers.  I thought his response was very amusing...he said he wasn't a whale, he was a minnow!  I had a great time dealing blackjack, although I learned that my simple addition skills are a bit rusty.  I think I've been relying too much on a calculator these days!

There was a band, plenty of food and drinks, a live auction, and a silent auction.  I bid on one of the items in the silent auction, and won!  I won a cardinal themed basket that includes a bird feeder and bird seed.  I figured since it was for a good cause, and since the kids and I all enjoy looking at the birds, how could I go wrong submitting a bid!  The kids were checking it out almost as soon as I walked in the door and sat it down!


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