Over Another Hurdle

This evening three of my group mates and I gave our presentation in my Organization of Knowledge class.  The fifth member of our group disappeared about a week and a half ago after submitting a draft of her part of the paper.  We never heard from her after that.  I presented my part and hers tonight.  I usually feel pretty good about presentations I give, but not this one.  I feel like I've been through one of those contraptions that was used to wring the water out of clothes.  This class has been brutal.  Two groups gave their presentations this evening, and the other two will give theirs tomorrow evening.  I am thrilled my group did ours tonight and got it over with.  After the professor finished making comments about the presentations, she said, "We've got twenty minutes left", and she proceeded to go into some topic related to cataloging.  I am thinking to myself, "You have got to be kidding me!"  I'm afraid I zoned out and didn't get a tremendous amount out of whatever it was she covered.  Now all I have to do is sit through the two presentations tomorrow night and finish my research paper that is due next Friday.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Yeah!  


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