Recovered From the Blues

Yesterday I was really feeling blue.  I'm not sure I can articulate why.  I haven't really been able to put my finger on any particular thing that happened to make me feel that way.  I was sitting in my cube at work and all of a sudden the feeling hit me.  When feelings like that hit, I try to keep reminding myself if I never had any bad days, I wouldn't appreciate the good.  And I don't really consider yesterday a bad day, just a bit of a melancholy one.  Fortunately, as the day progressed, the blue feelings started to fade.  It's especially hard to feel blue when I'm at the apartment with the kids, cause it seems like they are always doing things that make me laugh.  I stopped by the library on my way home from work to pick up some items I had on hold.  Being around books typically always cheers me up too!

Last night I put a load of laundry in to dry and then decided to watch a DVD I checked out from the library.  I am currently hooked on a Scottish author, Val McDermid.  I recently discovered some of her books were made into a BBC America TV Show.  The first season is called Wire in the Blood.  I was in the middle of watching the DVD, when I heard this pathetic sounding MRRRREEEOOWWW and realized poor Dublin was shut in the laundry room.  I let him out and couldn't help but laugh, but then felt guilty for doing so because the poor baby was obviously very distressed about being shut up in there.  I thought to myself, maybe that would teach him to go into and behind things when doors are open.  Riiiiiight.

This evening I'm on the couch with Pepper, and I hear a bit of a racket coming from somewhere in the apartment behind me.  I'm thinking Dublin has climbed behind some of the books on a shelf of one of the new bookcases and is "rearranging" a few of my books (i.e. knocking them off the shelf!).  I get up and go looking for him just to make sure he hasn't gotten himself into a predicament.  I check the bookshelf.  No Dublin.  Then a light bulb goes on, and I open up the pantry door.  Out pops Dublin.  He isn't distressed this time around though, because this time he was shut up with a bag of cat food that he was able to gnaw his way in to (there was catnip in there too, but none of that appeared to have been disturbed!).  Fortunately I was very close to needing to open that bag anyway, so I just transferred it to the storage container I keep the dry cat food in.  That boy definitely keeps me on my toes!

Today I had quite a bit of fun at work.  I was juggling several different projects, and absolutely loving it!  I gave what I hope will be the final edit to the Annual Report, which should hopefully be ready to publish online by the end of this week or next week at the absolute latest.  I worked on editing some talking points that are going to be published on our Intranet site.  I received the first invoice that I needed to certify in my new role as Contracting Officer's Representative.  I was asked to help review some videos that were prepared by one of the field divisions before they are released.  I worked on a Congressional Outreach Plan.  Needless to say, I didn't finish everything, but I've always said I'd rather be busy than bored!  I don't think I'm going to have to worry about that happening any time soon.  And to top off what was pretty much a stellar day, someone brought in a box of Godiva chocolates they put out for the group to share!  HEAVEN!         



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