How do you like my new look?!?

In January my eye doctor said it was time to move me from readers to progressive lenses.  I am experiencing one of the not so great joys of getting older...some body parts aren't working like they used to anymore.  I got my progressive lenses in February, and they've pretty much been driving me nuts ever since.  Monday I took a physical for work, which included an eye exam.  For my distance vision, I actually saw better without my glasses than with them.  That just reinforced my thoughts that the progressive lenses weren't working the way they should.  So....back to my eye doctor I went.  Abby had me use the "trial lenses", as she called them, to try some different options.  I told her I thought they needed a much longer, official sounding name like "opthalometer"!  Hopefully the new lenses they are going to make for me will work better than my current ones.

Should I go for this look?!?


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