Sinful Colors Junkie!

I have become a Sinful Colors junkie!  In the past I have rarely had my fingernails done or painted them myself because invariably within a day or two the color has chipped.  Very disappointing.

Not long ago I read an article in either Consumer Reports or ShopSmart magazine about Sinful Colors nail polish.  It was top ranked in terms of how long it lasts.  I decided to give it a shot.  I found several stores that carry the brand...Target, Rite Aid, and CVS.  Rite Aid has the best deal for a bottle at $1.99 each.  I started out with two colors and after the first try at using it, I was hooked!

I now have a passel of colors.  Today I'm wearing pumpkin orange on my toes, and golden leaf on my fingernails (my names for the colors, not theirs!).  These colors reminded me of fall and seemed appropriate since fall began this week.

It might not be such a good thing that the cost per bottle is so low, because I might be getting more than I can use in a reasonable time frame. But I am getting a cheap (literally!) thrill out of painting my nails, so I'm not getting too worked up over the potential of some waste.

How long does nail polish stay "fresh" anyway?!?  Might need to do a little research on that one.  Considering I've never used polish that often, I definitely don't know the answer to that question.  All I know is that I'm definitely having fun changing my color about once a week.  I can make it an entire week without a chip!  Yeah!

Gold Metal (official name - I like mine better!)


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