New Blog Name!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been trying to think of a new title for this blog.  I've lived in the DC area for almost three years now, and in all honesty, no longer see myself as a Tampa girl.  I don't plan to move back to the Tampa area, and other than friends who are still there and the Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa doesn't resonate with me.

As you can see, I finally came up with a new name!  Well, actually, my dad came up with the new name, but it was after much brain storming between the two of us, and I like to think my articulation of my thoughts as we talked contributed to his coming up with the name!

A conversation between me and Sid began earlier this week and centered around a new blog I have to create as a mini-project for a web design for libraries class I'm taking this semester.  Our professor indicated she'd prefer something library-themed.  Sid came up with an idea to create a blog about books that have been converted into movies, television shows, or plays.  I loved the idea, but wasn't sure the professor would since it's more book-themed than library-themed.  Fortunately for me, she was all for the idea.  So then it came time to come up with a name for the new blog.

Sid and I threw lots of ideas around.  I came up with "Great (And Not So Great!) Adaptations", which I liked because it's a play off the classic book Great Expectations.  Sid wasn't keen on the word "adaptations" because to him it brought connotations of changes for the worse, not the better.  He liked the words "literary" and "literature", but I thought they were boring.  I thought it would be nice to include the word "book" in the title, because after all, the blog is going to be about books that have been adapted in some way.

I wanted a name that was a bit quirky and that would hopefully make whoever read it want to know more.  Two blogs I follow that I enjoy are Rowdy Kittens and What Remains Now.  I like both the names, but they don't necessarily tell you much about the blogs' content.

All of a sudden, Sid had an epiphany and suggested starting the blog with "A Book Addict's View...". We keep talking trying to come with the something to come next, when I thought (and said!), why do we need anything else?!?  Let's just stop with "A Book Addict's View".  The more we talked about it, the more we liked it.  I could blog about the topic we'd been talking about, books that had been made into some other media form.  But with that title, I could also blog about books I like or other things book-related.  So, "A Book Addict's View" was born.

Then I starting thinking, why not rename my first blog, A Tampa Girl's Journey, A Book Addict's View Too.  After all, whether blogging about books or other topics, I am still addicted to books!  Sid and I discussed whether to use "Too" or "2", and both liked "Too" better.  And thus,, A Tampa Girl's Journey has now become A Book Addict's View Too!

I am very pleased with both the new blog and the re-branding of this blog.  Although I can't help but be a tad bit concerned that after what Sid perceived as a passionate discourse from me about the contents of the new blog, he labels me an addict!  If I have to be addicted to something though, better it be books than any of the alternatives!  


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