Yearning for Savannah, GA

Today my yearning for Savannah became pretty intense.  I started looking for photos I'd taken from previous trips there.  I was disappointed in what I found.  I'm not sure if I just haven't looked in the right place, or if I didn't take that many pictures when I was there before.  I know my interest in photography has definitely changed over the years.  And I haven't been to Savannah since 2007. Then I started trying to remember when I got my first digital camera.  And I'm not sure of the answer to that question!  Oh, well.

I started making a mental list of the places I want to visit and the restaurants I want to eat at while I'm there next month.  I decided to put "pen to paper", so here's the start of my list:

  • Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room (for lunch, since that's the only time it's open!)
  • Six Pence Pub
  • Gryphon Tea Room 
  • Wright Square Cafe
  • Simply Irresistible (home decor and unique gifts!)
  • Forsyth Park 
  • Leopold's Ice Cream

I'm going with several friends who've never visited Savannah as other than a quick trip for work where there was really no time to see the city.  There are a few places I'm going to run by them that I think they might be interested in that I've already seen before, but would be amenable to going back:

  • Owens-Thomas House 
  • Isaiah Davenport House
  • Mercer House
  • River Street (personally I find it too touristy, but I recommend a walk through at a minimum for first time visitors)
  • Old Pinke House
  • Elizabeth's on 37th
  • Ghost Tour
  • Trolley Tour
  • Juliette Gordon Lowe House

Starting with a Trolley Tour might be a good idea.  It's been years since I've done one, so it'll be like a brand new experience/adventure!


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