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I recently started thinking that I might change the title of this blog.  I left Tampa in November 2011, and in all honestly, the feeling that I am/was a Tampa girl is fading as time passes.  As I get closer to retirement and moving back to North Carolina to be near family, I've been thinking of myself more as a Carolina girl who will soon be going home.

It's rather ironic in a way.  I remember when I left North Carolina in 1994.  I never wanted to go back.  My attitude was, "Been there, done that.  I want to see more of the world."  Now I'm starting to long for the mountains and foothills of North Carolina.  Come October 2015, I will be a true Carolina girl again!


  1. So will your title be A Carolina Girl's Journey?
    Lynne x

    1. Could be, Lynne! A Carolina Girl's Journey Home?!? I'm not too sure what I am right now. I'm trying to come up with some options, but I'm not in any hurry!


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