Mini-Me Adventures - Work and Play

Tuesday I agreed to fill in as an assessor for a co-worker who was scheduled for jury duty.  That meant spending the day at the Bolger Academy in Potomac, MD with five other assessors.  Five Inspection Service candidates are typically scheduled to go through the assessment center each day.  As assessors, we review a series of activities performed by the candidates and rate them on such things as written communication, adaptability, interpersonal skills, and reasoning.

Tuesday evening I planned to attend the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) monthly Photography Club meeting.  I decided to go straight from work to the zoo, hoping to have a little time to explore the zoo in the evening before the meeting started at 7 pm.  I also decided to take mini-me Pepper and Dublin with me for the day.

I introduced the mini-me's to my fellow assessors Tuesday morning, and they joined us at the table in the room where I was to spend the majority of the day.  In the afternoon, there was an exercise that myself and two fellow assessors left the room to attend, while our fellow assessors were scheduled to be in yet another room.  When we walked back into the assessor room, here is the scene that greeted us...

I started laughing so hard, I almost ended up on the floor!  Not only did I reach for my phone to take a picture, but so did several of my fellow assessors!  Fortunately the mini-me's have excellent table manners!

I left Potomac, MD about 4:30 pm heading for the zoo.  I thought the mini-me's might enjoy visiting several of their bigger cousins, so we headed over to see the big cats.  They looked for their cousin, the tiger, but alas, the tiger had gone inside for the evening.

Maybe we'll have better luck visiting the next time around.


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