Mini-me's Have Arrived!

Earlier this week, a package arrived from England.

Inside were Pepper and Dublin mini'me's, crocheted by Lynne who writes the Dip-Dip and The Bridge blog.  I discovered Lynne's work from reading the What Remains Now blog.  And thank goodness I did!

First, the unveiling.

Then, the introductions.

Lynne does an awesome job with the pictures you provide her to make mini'me's in the image of your 4-legged kids.

Pepper's carmel chest and eyebrowns stand out against her predominantly black coat.  Lynne was brave and took up the challenge of creating a tortoiseshell mini-me (thank you, Lynne - I'm glad you only almost screamed when you saw the first pics of the kids instead of having a heart attack)!  Check out Pepper's dark nose, multi-colored flanks, and green eyes!  

Dublin's Charlie Chaplin mustache is prominently displayed under his pink nose. And check out the patches above his knees, his striped tail, and yellow-gold eyes! Lynne is a creative genius!

Every day I come home, I tend to find at least one of the mini-me's in a different spot than when I left for work.  Who knows that they are up to while I'm not at home?!?


  1. So happy everyone loves their mini-me's, that last photo is hilarious!
    I can honestly say your cats were the biggest challenge I have had but I really enjoyed making them.
    I would love to blog about them soon, would it be possible to use a couple of photos of Dublin and Pepper with their mini's?
    Thanks again, Lynne x

    1. You can definitely use any of the pictures you like if you do a post about them. I loved the last picture too!

  2. That final picture just did me in. Now that is a "seal of approval." I LOVE both of the mini-me's. I can't believe how Lynne can work in all the little details. It looks like Dublin and Pepper both approve too.


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