Kate Shugak Mysteries

I read Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak series a while ago before I went on my Alaska cruise last year.  Now that I've been to Alaska, where Stabenow's series is set, I've been wanting to go back and re-read the series.  I think now that I have a bit of a frame of reference, I might enjoy the books even more the second time around.  Although that might be a little tough considering how much I enjoyed them the first time!

Kate Shugak used to work as an investigator for a district attorney's office.  But after almost getting killed, she quit and moved back to a rather remote area in The Park in Alaska, where she lives with her Mutt, who is half dog/half wolf.  I love the way Stabenow developes the character through the series and am really looking forward to reading them again!  I just recently finished Dead in the Water, which is the third book of  the series.  Kate still sometimes does investigative work for the DA's office.  Her investigation in this book leads her to go undercover on a fishing boat out of Dutch Harbor.  The work is really tough, but the pay often makes many think it's worth the hardship (over 8K for about a week's worth of work!).


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