Night of the Iguana - What a Blast!

Alexia and I had a wonderful time at the Night of the Iguana last night! It was tons of fun.  There were all kinds of food, and drinks, and entertainment.  Here Alexia and I are with 2 of the entertainers.  I have a hard enough time walking with flats on; there's no way I could walk on stilts!  I'm including 2 pictures because you can see the colors better in the one on the right, but I like the pose in the one on the left the best! 

There was a silent auction and a live auction.  Here I am hanging out on one of the items being auctioned off in the silent auction.  I'm not sure who the highest bidder was, but that chair sure was comfortable!
We spent the night at the hotel where the event was held, then headed to Cracker Barrel for an awesome breakfast Saturday morning!  Then it was back home to get a few pieces of furniture ready to be picked up.  I had posted a few things on Craigslist and have had a pretty good response.  I know I'm going to be in a much smaller space after I relocate, so I'm trying to get rid of lots of stuff now!

My parents (mom and Sid) drove down from North Carolina today to help me get the house ready to put on the market.  It's nice to have them down for one last visit before I leave Tampa.  


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