Home From House Hunting Trip in Virginia

Last night I returned to Tampa after spending four days in northern Virginia looking for a place to rent.  The last several weeks have been very stressful.  Get the house ready to go on the market, list the house, find a new place to live in the DC area, hope the kids aren't being affected by all the turmoil at the house with all the showings going on and me being out of town, second guessing my decision to accept the new job.  At least now the stress has lessened a little. 

I found an apartment that is only 5 miles from the office.  I plan to explore the options of taking public transit and finding a monthly parking spot to rent and driving in.  Yesterday morning I went to the apartment complex and took the bus that stops at the corner of the apartment building to the nearby metro, which was then a two stop ride into L'Enfant Plaza where I will be working.  It was 30 minutes from the time I got on the bus to the time I got to the entrance of my office building.  Door to door will probably be around 35-40 minutes, which I guess isn't too bad being in a large metro area.  I also drove from the apartment into DC to my office building, and even hitting bumper to bumper barely inching forward traffic, I made it in 20 minutes.  I like that I have options!

I am excited about my new apartment. Here is the floor plan. (Ignore the comments on the options for the 4th floor...that's not the floor I'm on!). There is an underground parking garage where I will have an assigned parking spot and they have 2 locked cages in the garage for residents to keep their bicycles. The complex is about a year old, and the apartment I am moving into has never been lived in before.     

Another view of the kitchen.  Pantry to left of refrigerator.

Track lighting under which my dining room table will go.

Living room area in front of second smaller balcony.


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