Meet My New Family Members!

This past week I visited the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and adopted two cats! 



Poor Dublin is in isolation at my vet after catching a very nasty virus that is also very contagious to other cats.  Yesterday my vet wasn't sure if he was going to make it, but this morning she told me she thinks he is going to be fine.  I should hopefully get to bring him home on Monday.  Fortunately, Pepper isn't showing any signs of having caught the virus, and let's hope it stays that way!

Humane Society records indicated Dublin is a 2 year old male.  Considering how he was bouncing off the walls after I got him home on Wednesday, I wasn't sure I bought that assessment!  He was acting more like what you would expect for a 4-6 month old.  After examining him, my vet says he is more likely about a year old, and probably still has some growing to do.  I can tell he is going to be a handful!

Pepper is a 1 1/2 to 2 year old female.  She is definitely the more timid of the two, and hisses at Dublin whenever he gets to close.  That may have contributed to the fact that she doesn't appear to have gotten sick too.  She has been more circumspect about exploring the house.  Although with Dublin at the vet, she seems to be making the rounds! 

When I first got them home on Wednesday, I started out letting them explore just the master bedroom and bath.  Later that evening, I opened up the entire house to them (about 2,000 square feet).  Dublin was all over the place!  He definitely has an explorer's soul!  I managed to lose Pepper in less than an hour, and after having searched the entire house 3 times, gave up and sat down on the couch to call my parents and tell them I'd already lost a cat.  After talking to them I decided to make another circuit through the house, and I finally discovered a tuft of black fur sticking out from the front of a curio cabinet I have in my bedroom.  The front of the cabinet comes almost all the way to floor, but I learned that the back is open enough for her to crawl under it! 

Hopefully this is the beginning of many new adventures with my new 4-legged kids!


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