Dublin is home!

Dublin and his new scratch pad!
This past Wednesday Dublin got to come home from the vet!  He is still having to stay confined to the guest bath at least until Wednesday of this coming week when he goes back to the vet for a recheck.  Hopefully after that he will be able to have full reign of the house.  He is definitely feeling much better.  This morning when I went to give him his meds, I found a large mound of shredded toilet paper on the floor and the box of kleenex in the sink!  I added a few more toys to hopefully keep him entertained since he is having to spend so much time by himself. 

Pepper's new perch!

Pepper has claimed a shelf on a bookcase in my study.  She hangs out with me when I'm on the computer and working on school work.  Like a typical cat, she has claimed one of the few spots that gets the afternoon sun!


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