Mini-me Pepper and Dublin visit North Carolina

Today the mini-me's and I packed our bags and headed from Arlington to West Jefferson, NC to visit my folks.  Here we are with bags in tow leaving the parking garage of our apartment complex. 

After about 6 hours on the road, we reached the state line.

Less than 30 minutes later we arrived at the folk's house in West Jefferson.  They live on the side of Mt. Jefferson, with nothing but state park above their property.

We'll hopefully see some interesting critters during our visit!  But it was a long day and the mini-me's weren't up for any critter watching after our arrival.  For them, it was bed time....


  1. Hey, those mini-me's have a better life than I do - send them back and I will come over instead!
    What a delightful post, I love it when I see these little interations with them, awww.
    Lynne x


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