Fun at Work

I'm still really enjoying my detail at work.  It was supposed to end on July 26th, but I recently learned it's going to be extended through November 15th.  Yeah! Considering how much I'm learning and how much fun I'm having, I consider the extension a good thing!

I've been assigned as the Project Lead for the Governance Project.  It's basically a project to make project management more structured within the Inspection Service.  What a mouthful, eh?!?

I'm hoping to learn a lot more about Project Management.  I think it will be helpful not only in my current position, but in whatever I decide to pursue in the future. I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do after I close the chapter on working with the Inspection Service.

I have less than 2 years until I am eligible to retire.  The game plan for the moment is to retire as soon as I am eligible so I can move closer to family.  My mom's health is not the best, and that will dictate many of the decisions I'll make when that time comes.

For the time being, I plan to keep learning through my classes at USF (5 more to go to get my master's!) and any other opportunties I can find, both at work and online!


  1. It's fun to see someone having fun at work - work and fun generally don't go together, LOL.
    Good luck with your masters.


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