I'm visiting mom and Sid for Christmas.  We just polished off some waffles for breakfast.  Very tasty!  Just before breakfast was ready, I spotted five deer.  Unfortunately, they were a bit far away for me to get any good pictures.  I kept asking when we were going to open our Christmas presents because this year I asked Santa for a tele conversion lens for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 camera!  I could have used that 1020 mm zoom lens, that's for sure!  Oh, well.  There will surely be more deer to be seen and photographed!

It rained most of the day yesterday, but today is supposed to be a nice day for mountain standards!  A bit foggy this morning with a high expected of about 48 degrees.  Tomorrow the forecast is for rain again......I think I'm being called away from the computer to open presents, so more later!............


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