Busy Week

This week was extremely busy at work.  Plus I had stuff going on after work pretty much every evening.  Monday night was volunteer orientation at the Arlington Animal Welfare League.  Tuesday night I had a hair appointment, and for those of you that have color done, you know those appointments are short!  It was my second visit back to see Gretchen at the Anne Welsh Salon in Alexandria.  I was just as pleased with my hair this time as I was the first time.  I now consider myself a regular there!

Wednesday evening I had an appointment with my financial advisor.  She says I'm still on track to retire in 2 years and 9 months (not that I'm counting!).  On Thursday after work, I got to tour ATF Headquarters in DC with a small group from the Liaison Officers Association, then we had a meeting afterwards.  Last night I met some friends for dinner at Aladdin's in Shirlington.  The food and company were awesome!

Today I had homework I needed to finish, and later this evening it will be treat time (see below!).

Yep, I picked my copy up at Best Buy earlier today!  I loved seeing it on the big screen, and am looking forward to seeing it again.  Mark Ruffalo rocks as the Hulk!  One of my favorite lines from the movie is when Captain America is giving everyone their "orders" for when the big fight begins.  He goes into detail for each member of the team.  Then when he gets to the Hulk, all he says is "Hulk.....smash"  Classic!


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