Ninth Day of Vacation - May 26, 2012

Our final port of the cruise was Victoria, British Columbia. We weren't scheduled to dock until about 7 PM, and we ended up docking later than that. It wasn't an auspicious start to our last day of the cruise.  There was a gentleman in a top hat greeting cruise ship passenger's when they docked.

The Empress Hotel
Parliment Building lit up at night
We walked around Victoria and saw the Empress Hotel and the Parliment Buildings.  We both agreed it would have been great to have had more time to really see the city.  We really didn't have time to get outside the touristy areas.  There was a beautiful park that we would have loved to explored if we had the time.  But it was dark before we knew and it, and time to head back to the ship. 

Orca topiary

Street band playing


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