Good Eatin' in Asheville

I've discovered some great places to satisfy my sweet tooth since arriving in Asheville, and had several good lunches too.

My friend Molly and I had lunch one day at All Soul's Pizza in the River Arts District.  We split a salad and the pizza special of the day.  It was scrumptious!  I can't remember everything that was on it, but I do remember that there were red peppers in the sauce and the meat was lamb.

Last week I tracked down the Ultimate Ice Cream shop.  I had the Belgium dark chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone.  It was some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted!

Today I went on a quest for a doughnut that would hopefully help the cravings I have for a Sugar Shack doughnut.  I visited Vortex Doughnuts and had a mini chocolate pumpkin cake doughnut. It was yummy!

Right around the corner from Vortex Doughnuts is the French Broad Chocolate factory and shop. It made sense to pop in there while I was in the neighborhood.  You can walk through the factory area and actually watch the chocolate being processed and made.  I saw my very first chocolate vault!

I bought three pieces...a raspberry truffle, a dark chocolate salted honey caramel, and a strawberry balsamic truffle.  The salted honey caramel was definitely my favorite!

I'm going to have to learn to pace myself a little more when it comes to sweets.  It's a good thing I have already joined a local gym and am working with a personal trainer twice a week!


  1. So sorry Linda, your new blog doesn't show up on my dashboard any more so now I have put it on my bookmarks I can check frequently.
    Oh my dog, those chocolates look divine and I could eat that ice cream right now!
    Lynne x


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