Update - Status of OPM Retirement Annuity

I logged on to my OPM account today and saw that my case has been assigned to a retirement specialist as of August 24th!  Another step closer to have my final annuity calculation completed.

I've been very pleased with the progress so far.  I received a partial annuity payment on August 1st, which is the soonest I was eligible for one. Having never retired before, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

It'll be nice if everything is finalized before my move to Asheville in October.  I've getting more and more excited at the prospect of the move.  I may not have done everything on my TO DO list for the Washington DC area, but I'm coming to realize that now that I'm retired, I just don't fit in here well anymore.

The Biltmore Estate is offering a Friends and Family special for new members through the end of October. I'm so all over that!  I get excited thinking of exploring the estate grounds, tubing on the French Broad River, and exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway, to which there is an entrance only about 2 miles from my new apartment.  I'm not looking forward to the logistics of the move itself, but that will pass pretty quickly.


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