Final Semester Complete!

This past Friday was the last day of the Spring Semester, and the end of my time working towards my Master's in Library and Information Science (MLIS).  I have mixed emotions.  I am thrilled to have finally reached the end of this particular journey, but am sad at the thought of not being in class anymore.  I started this journey in January 2011 and at times felt like it would never come to an end. Now I'm there.  I have truly enjoyed my time at USF (University of South Florida).  I'm already starting to look for potential options this summer (maybe a photography class!), but may wait until I make the move to Asheville in the fall.

Friday night, several girlfriends and I went to Don Pablos for dinner and they presented me with 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers and a vase to put them in!  I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life.  This part of DC I will miss something fierce, and am already planting plenty of seeds to have them come visit me after I move.


  1. Linda, sorry your posts haven't been appearing in my dashboard.
    That is such a great milestone for you. Hope you all had a good time celebrating!
    Lynne x

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