Quiet night with the kids

I just submitted my homework assignment that's due today, so I have the rest of the evening to hang out with the kids.  I plan on soaking in a nice, hot tub and reading something for pleasure, NOT for school!  This has been a good week, but it has seemed rather long.  Tuesday night I joined three friends for a girl's night out.  We had dinner at a restaurant called Normandie Farms in Potomac, MD.  The food, wine, and company were awesome, although the excursion has thrown me a bit off kilter.  I rarely venture out during the week, and I didn't get home till about 10 PM.  Monday I had run a few errands after work.  Last night I finished the homework I just turned in.  So I really haven't had an evening to just chill...till now!  And I plan on taking advantage of it!


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